4k Video Surveillance Philadelphia PA

4K Video Surveillance Philadelphia

Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC. provides 4k video Surveillance Philadelphia PA. Are you looking for Ultra High Definition 4k video surveillance. 8 Megapixel Video Surveillance Cameras are now very affordable and extremely useful for providing video surveillance coverage in parking lots, large indoor and outdoor areas.

4k Video Surveillance Philadelphia PA provides the pixel density needed to achieve the desired PPF. PPF also know as pixels per foot is the measurement to determine the clarity of video surveillance.. PPF is adjusted by camera placement, lens selection and video surveillance camera choice. NERSA offers cameras from 2 to 30 Megapixels. While it would be very easy to select 4k or 30 Megapixels pixel cameras for all locations the cost would be prohibitive to most clients.

PPF recomendations:

High Quality Video Surveillance for facial and license plate recognition 40-150 ppf

Medium Quality Video Surveillance for being able to see an object is there often referred to as situational awareness 20 – 40 ppf

Low Quality Video Surveillance for detection only 3-10 ppf

4K Video Surveillance Philadelphia

Pixels Per Foot Samples

While all this video surveillance technical talk may seem over whelming our team feels it is important in making the selection of equipment and showing our clients what to expect in the quoting phase of every project.

With your authorization we shoot sample footage using the cameras required to achieve the desired end results. This method removes all the guess work and ensures your satisfaction!

NRSEC Sales engineers take all the guess work out of your project with our design team.  We calculate the cameras, placements and lens needed to capture the desired footage at every location. And our expertise does not stop there.

Our team of seasoned installers provide all of the wiring, fiber and wireless infrastructure to provide the necessary communications back bone needed for flawless video streaming to the recording and viewing devices. In most cases we also provide the IT work required for remote viewing. If you have an item team or vendor we will work together to provide a seamless integration into your systems.

Let’s work together to clear up your blurry video surveillance. 4k Video Surveillance Philadelphia PA

Design, Installation, Upgrade and Repair


NRSEC an Avigilon Partner

HD Video Surveillance, Access Control, Alarms, Entry Systems, Alarm and Video Monitoring, Perimeter Alarms, Systems Integration



July 17, 2018

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