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Commercial Security Systems

Commercial Security Philadelphia PA by Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC provides managers and business owners with the tools needed to secure properties and businesses. Today’s commercial security systems provide advanced technology with cellular communications making it difficult for criminals to disable alarm communications networks, High Technology Alarm Sensors provide more accuracy and fewer false alerts than ever. Our Commercial Security Camera Installers provide a full line up of security systems to cover all your security needs.

Commercial Security System

Commercial Security Systems Installation in Philadelphia PA

Advanced Video Surveillance Systems provide commercial security systems in Philadelphia, PA with a new level of intelligence. Traditional security camera systems used pixel based motion detection to sense movement on the cameras. The problem with pixel based detection is false motion alerts do to animals, clouds passing by, rain, snow, small animals and wind blow vegetation. Advancements in Video Surveillance Systems now allow accurate detection of persons and vehicles through the use of advanced algorithms referred to as Video Analytics. These advancements in motion detectire accurate enough to provide alerts through text or email.

Commercial Security Systems in Philadelphia using Advanced Video Surveillance Systems utilizing video analytics provide useful in alerting security and management items left behind, items missing, unusual activities, unauthorized activities and alerts of people and vehicles outside. Using cameras as accurate alerting devices reduces cost of equipment and the need for additional devices for intrusion and detection in some Commercial Security System Designs. Visit our industry partner for detailed explanations of our commercial video analytics offering

Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC provides commercial security systems in Philadelphia PA and beyond utilizing the latest security technology from the worlds industry leaders. Our commercial security system design team along with our manufactures engineers provides our clients with the best commercial security system solutions and designs customized for every unique application.

Our security system solutions integrate with your existing systems to provide multiple levels of security. Access Control, Alarm Systems and Video Surveillance provide multiple layers of protection inside and out. Integrated Security Systems provide our clients with ease of use and the best local security company results backed with a 3 year warranty on equipment, parts and installation.

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January 22, 2019

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