Parking Lot Surveillance Cameras

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  • Implementing a reliable surveillance system within the confines of a parking lot greatly enhances security and safety.

Benefits of Parking Lot Surveillance

Prevent Vehicle Theft – Many thieves see parking lots as potential gold mines – miles and miles of cars or personal property that they can take. Visible security cameras can help deter thieves from breaking into cars on your lot, and can help aid law enforcement in identifying criminals who do rob cars on your lot. Cameras can also help prevent theft of store property – shopping carts, outdoor displays, tables and chairs, landscaping, etc.

Increase Public Safety – Customers are undoubtedly the most essential aspect of many businesses. Keeping your customers happy and giving them a sense of safety and peace of mind when they’re shopping at your business establishes a sense of trust and loyalty.

Reduce Liability – It’s inevitable that an accident will happen in your parking lot. Whether it’s a car crash, a slip, or an errant shopping cart denting cars, video surveillance is an easy way to avoid costly liability claims, and even suits.

Identify Unpaid/Prohibited Vehicles – Similar to a “dine-and-dash” in restaurants, drivers can attempt to leave the parking lot without paying. While most parking lots are monitored by attendants, it’s virtually impossible to ensure that every area of the lot is fully covered by staff. Surveillance cameras have the power to capture license plate numbers, allowing you to decide if you want to press charges or prohibit that customer from utilizing your parking lot in the future.

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