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Security Camera Installers
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  •   Security Camera Installers in Lehigh Valley, PA Northeast Remote Surveillance, and Alarm, LLC provides security design and insta


Security Camera Installers in Lehigh Valley, PA Northeast Remote Surveillance, and Alarm, LLC provides security design and installation solutions for Business Industrial, Municipal and Commercial applications. Today’s IP security cameras range from .3 to 250 Megapixels. The most import part of IP security camera installation is the design phase. The goal is to have 20-40 pixels per foot on every recorded image if you maintain this rule of thumb you will have good video archives. Video Surveillance presented in a court of law must provide evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. The judge will never accept the fact that you may know who the actor is by their demeanor and swagger. Achieving the proper pixel density for each area of coverage with ensuring usable archives. Pixel density is obtained by selecting the right cameras and lenses. Today’s High Definition IP Security Cameras are available with a mired of lenses to fit all applications both indoors and out. Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC is a Professional Security Integrator providing security camera services in Allentown, PA Easton PA  Bethlehem PA  and Lehigh County   Northampton County. 1-888-344-3846

Our Customer list includes Business,  Schools, Municipalities, Housing Authorities, Commercial, and Industrial Clients

For Residential Security Cameras and Home Security Services Refer to

We install the best equipment from the worlds leading manufactures that include 3 year warranties

All new installations include a 3 year warranty on equipment, parts, labor and installation

Services Include:

High Definition Security Camera System Design
IP Security Camera Installation
Access Control Doors and Gates
Intercoms and Public Address systems
Enterprise Grade Wireless High Definition IP Security Camera and Access Control Deployments
IP Security Cameras
PTZ cameras
Analog HD security cameras
Security System repair and upgrades
Security Systems Integration

Serving Areas:

Allentown PA   Bethlehem PA   Easton PA     Philadelphia   PA  Philadelphia Main Line    Pennsylvania    New Jersey  Delaware

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