Video Surveillance Philadelphia

Video Surveillance Philadelphia

Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC designs, installs, and services commercial Video Surveillance Systems in Philadelphia PA. Our Clientele includes Shipping Ports, Warehouses, Logistics Companies, Municipalities, International, National, Regional and Local Companies. While every application may differ slightly, the common goal remains the same.

Video Surveillance Philadelphia

Commercial and Industrial Video Surveillance Philadelphia PA

We provide Video Surveillance Philadelphia utilizing security cameras from 2 to 30 megapixels. High Megapixel cameras cover larger areas, reduce the cost of labor and materials.

High Megapixel cameras contain high pixel density allowing forensic zoom into events with the detail that you would associate with a Legacy PTZ. The difference is the Megapixel cameras are recording the whole scene a Legacy PTZ required an operator to manually zoom into the area of a question while the event was taking place to achieve the same results.

Megapixel cameras, when combined with advanced video analytics provide intelligent video surveillance using advanced algorithms and pattern based motion detection. This advanced motion detection is accurate enough to set alarms for both People and Vehicles. Traditional motion detection recording relies on pixel changes. Pixel-based motion detection provides unreliable recording especially in outdoor applications where wind, clouds, rain, and shadows cause false motion events.

Our team of security specialists provides integrated security solutions based on customer needs and budgets. We offer the most advanced solutions in the world to essential recording. Our team understands every customer’s video surveillance application is different and every design is customized using the latest software and design tools. Surveillance Cameras are configured in a different way depending on the needs of the client we make every effort to provide a mix of cameras to provide situational awareness, facial identification, and license plate capture.

Video Surveillance Philadelphia Services Include:

IP Video Surveillance 2 to 30 Megapixels

Network Video Recorders

Hybrid Digital Video Recorders

Legacy CCTV to HD Video Surveillance Upgrades

Advanced Video Management  Systems

Dell Enterprise Servers

Custom Servers to 240 Terrabyte

Call today for a no-obligation demonstration of what  Video Surveillance Philadelphia solutions by NRSEC can do for you

We are a proud partner with Avigilon Enterprise Video and Access Control Solutions


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July 16, 2018

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