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North East Remote  Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm provides security camera installation Quakertown, PA Bucks County and beyond. Customer markets include, Apartment Buildings, Multifamily Properties, Industrial Security Installations, Commercial Security Installations, Municipal Security Installations,

Northeast Remote Surveillance installation services include IP Cameras, High Definition HD-Security Cameras, HD-AHD (analog high definition) HD-TVI, HD-CVI, HD-SDI there are individual advantages to each technology. Not Sure if you need IP cameras check out this link on our sister site.

HD-AHD cameras can be plugged directly into a monitor to produce upto 1080P images on coaxial cable or twisted pair up to 1600′ and will accept legacy CCTV cameras

HD-SDI is the older technology of the 4 and cannot be plugged directly into a monitor without an SDI-HDMI convertor and legacy CCTV cameras are not compatible making this technology the least popular of Analog High Definition. SDI cameras are only compatible with SDI recorders.

HD-CVI is a technology owned by Dahua , legacy CCTV cameras will work on a CVI recorder as well as HD-CVI cameras up to 1080 resolution (2 Megapixel). CVI cameras cannot plug directly into a monitor and must be used through a CVI recorder or  CVI to HDMI adaptor. This technology also allows a few IP cameras on the recorder limited to 1080p resolution.

HD-TVI is a  3rd party owned technology Hikvison › Home › About Hikvision › Press Releas is the major producer of equipment at this time. HD-TVI  systems Accept TVI cameras and legacy CCTV cameras as well as a few ip cameras limited to 1080p. Like CVI, and SDI these cameras need an adapter to be pluuged into a monitor.

CVI, TVI, and SDI are not interchangeable technologies. Limited IP Cameras can be used with TVI and CVI recorder

Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm services include:

  • HD analog camera installs and legacy cctv upgrades.
  • IP megapixel security camera installation with cameras up to 7k (30 Megapixels)
  • Access Control
  • Alarm Systems
  • Intercoms
  • Security System integration
  • Enterprise Grade Wireless Camera Systems and Access Control, Towns, Campus, Or other large complexes

Northeast Remote Surveillance Bucks County includes:

  1. Quakertown PA
  2. Levittown PA
  3. Croydon PA
  4. Morrisville PA
  5. Bristol PA
  6. Feasterville-Trevose, PA

Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC does not offer consumer grade products for home security follow this link  We do offer commercial grade equipment for residential installations                                     

North East Remote Surveillance        Multifamily Security Camera Installation      Apartment Building Security Camera Installation

Commercial Security Camera Installation          Industrial Security Camera Installation     Municipal Security Camera Installation


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