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Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm provides security camera and installation for customers in Allentown. The need for Allentown security camera installation has never been greater. It is a proven fact that security cameras reduce crime, improve productivity, reduce inventory shrinkage and more in Allentown and every other city where they are deployed. Properly installed security cameras can be used as an active management tool as well. Owners and managers  can see virtually everything on security cameras as they occur in an establishment with live views while archives are being stored for later viewing. As a business owner in Allentown you could be anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection and watch everything, just as if you were seated in front of security camera monitor. You can watch security cameras remotely on mobile devices with the included free applications. Compatible devices include iphones, ipads, android phones, android pads, blackberry devices, laptops, home pcs, mac os or windows os

Everyone in Allentown is offering Security Cameras

What makes Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm different? 1-888-344-3846

  • Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm includes a 3 year warranty with  Allentown Security Camera Installations includes: Equipment, Parts, Labor and Installation.
  • We are commercial wireless camera and access control experts in Allentown and beyond
  • We are networking experts, all well need is the admin login for your router (no IT guys need)
  • We have the tools to insure the pixel density is high enough on the recorded security camera image to be admissible in court if the need ever arises. (Beyond Reasonable Doubt)
  • We install security cameras in elevators, on light poles, signs, outbuildings, at remote locations. If we can’t do it? It can’t be done. Aren’t you tired of hearing what your security camera guy can and cant do? Any one can run a wire and stick it in a recorder. I have pliers but that does not make me a Dentist

  • We build and service video recorders in Allentown at your location sure we could make more selling you a new one.

Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm


Sampling of Client List Allentown Security Camera Customers:    Each link is a separate case study

Services include:

  • High Definition Security Systems .3 to 33 megapixels analog and digital ip cameras
  • Allentown Security Camera System Design
  • Allentown Security Camera Installation
  • Allentown Security Camera System Repair
  • Allentown Security Systems Integration, Access control, Alarms, Interoms
  • Allentown IP Security Camera
  • Allentown Wireless cameras
  • Allentown Business security
  • Allentown PA Access control



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Providing Services for Commercial, Municipal, Industrial Clients

for Home Security and Residential Security In Allentown and beyond

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