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  • Video Surveillance for all Commercial, Industrial, Education and Municipal Security Projects in Philadelphia and Beyond!

Are you looking for video surveillance in Philadelphia? We have video security systems and video surveillance for any size business in Philadelphia PA, New Jersey and Delaware.
Video Surveillance Philadelphia PA – 888-344-3846 – Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC specializes in Video Surveillance in Philadelphia PA. IP video management using IP Video Surveillance Cameras or Analog HD Video Surveillance. We have the right security camera solution and price point for Every commercial, industrial, education or municipal customer. Video Surveillance has evolved in a short period of time and the days of blurry pixelated images are gone. Legacy CCTV provided 640 x 480 or 307,200 pixels per image or .3 Megapixels. To capture clear images cameras required extreme zoom with a very small coverage area. Today video surveillance images start at 1920 x 1080 or 2,073,600 (2 Megapixels). These images containing higher megapixels require fewer cameras to achieve useable pixel density wide coverage areas with extreme clarity. The advantage to the end user is a better coverage with fewer surveillance cameras and reduced installation costs in Philadelphia PA NJ and DE.

NRSEC  Video Surveillance Philadelphia PA – 888-344-3846  offers video surveillance solutions at

Video Surveillance Philadelphia PA - 888-344-3846

NRSEC video surveillance solutions for Philadelphia and beyond

Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC Commercial Security Solutions

various price points with HD video surveillance cameras from 2 to 30 Megapixels.  Our professional team is well versed in Legacy CCTV upgrades. Many Legacy CCTV camera installations were installed at the time of construction and require extreme labor and or demolition to replace the wiring. Our new Analog HD technologies can breath new life into your old CCTV security camera system using most of your existing wiring. In the recent past, there was very little difference between small business and Enterprise Video Surveillance. We have the tools and industry partners to upgrade any High-Quality Legacy installation into modern HD Video surveillance systems.  We offer solutions for any size organization you may choose a basic HD Surveillance System or benefit from Advanced Video Surveillance Systems. Deep learning Video Analytic Systems have the ability to recognize people, vehicles or other objects in noisy environments. Difficult outdoor scenes with blowing leaves, swaying trees, passing clouds, snow, rain and other environmental elements will make motion detection features of basic video surveillance systems falter.

Benefits of modern video surveillance include a remote viewing of any property or business operation through any mobile device.  NRSEC Clients enjoy the ability to review events from a few days to many years with our custom recording solutions. Additional benefits of new video surveillance offerings include thermal imaging cameras, panoramic cameras, 360-degree fisheye cameras, license plate capture, license plate recognition and more.

Video Analytics clients enjoy the proactive alert features with notification of crowd gathering, missing items detection, left behind item detection and unusual activity alerts.

Call today and see why some of the most prestigious properties and management companies in Philadelphia choose our company for all their Video surveillance, Access Control, Alarm, Phone Entry and Intercom Solutions.

Video Surveillance Philadelphia PA – 888-344-3846


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